Unabashed Elderstyle: The Snow Queen

July 7th, 2009

oldladyglasses1I met this lady at the Bristol Farms on Fairfax and Sunset before an Outfest screening of Making the Boys (so fucking good).  She straddles the line between crazy homeless woman and eccentric creative person which is one of the sexier lines to hump.

Anyways, she’s just a doll, I’d love to sit behind her and comb out that coarse white hair.  Put her in a floor-length Victorian white dress with puffy sleeves.  Maybe place a Bumpit in her hair to give her some height.

And don’t nobody fuck with coral lipstick.  It compliments any color.  My mother wears coral lipstick with a vamp brownish-red lip liner.  I guess it’s what you call, “contrast.”

I forgot to get this cutie’s name but let’s just call her the Snow Queen.  She says white is her signature color.  (My colors happen to be coral and turquoise for the record.)

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One Response to “Unabashed Elderstyle: The Snow Queen”

  1. Michele says:

    Loved The Boys in the Band and am now definitely psyched to hear about its transition into Making the Boys.

    Hopefully it’ll undergo the metamorphosis as well as Albee’s did.

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