Unabashed? Queer?

October 19th, 2008
Definition: Characterized by or done without shame.
Synonyms: bald-faced, barefaced, blatant, brazen, brazenfaced, unblushing, prideful, proud; bold, brassy, brazen, impudent, insolent, saucy, shameless; unapologetic, undaunted, undeterred, undismayed; unblinking, unflinching, unshrinking

“Gay-bashing” is a common term for hate crimes committed against my people. The prefix “un-” means “not, opposite of, reverse action, release from,” so it’s a cool coincidence that “unabashed” pairs un + bash as if to say “no longer bashed.”


I use the word “Queer” because of its ambiguity. Queer means different things to different people. To some it is offensive slang and to some it is an umbrella term for gay/bi/les/trans people. To me, Queer is a re-appropriated term used to describe sexual orientation and/or gender identity or gender expression that does not conform to heteronormative society (wiki).


This website is dedicated to Julie Abraham, Professor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies at Sarah Lawrence College. It is also dedicated to the faculty and staff of Northfield Mount Hermon School who nurtured the exploration of my identity in a safe setting.

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  1. brothasoul says:

    Part of my ritual, when I discover novel blogs of interest, is to read the first post. When I happen across a work of substance I feel like I am watching a seasoned farmer cast down the first seeds of what will become a legendary harvest.

    I feel that way now.

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