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Unabashedly Queer Soda: Mountain Dew Ultra Violet

September 30th, 2009

Violet is lavender’s butch cousin.  But they’re both gay.  My girlfriend, Bodega Vendetta, sent me this amethyst gem:


gurl, it’s purple, it shares the same name of a
wonderfully weird warhol superstar and it’s diet.
what can i say, I’m downing it with delight !

Unabashedly (Oh) Fatherless: Gay YouTubers Sing Same Madonna Ballad

September 27th, 2009


Daddy issues forever.

Sad Madonna is my favorite Madonna.  As I scoured YouTube for Madonna ballads, I noticed six cover versions of her 1989 tres dramatique why-daddy-why track, Oh Father…all performed by gay men.  Score 1 for Nurture!

My favorite contribution comes from a rotund young man who calls himself “BittersweetSuperstar.”  He mixes a depressing montage of family photos, child abuse statistics, makes himself up to look like he’s been hit in the face--AND includes a small child (also with fake bruises on his face) acting out the lyrics.

Bittersweet wants you to know that “no people were hurt or abused for the making of this video.”  The video is tagged with keywords: vogue, child abuse, Oh Father, and neglect.

2. PaulyWoodGaGa admits that he “got a little emotional” while singing his version. (more…)

Unabashedly Tired: I Tuck Tyra into Bed

September 17th, 2009


Go to sleep, Tyra, you’re tired.  Fierce on, Cynthia!

Click HERE to see the original interview.

Unabashed ME! True Hollywood Story

September 16th, 2009

I balanced being completely self-indulgent with being 100% honest; even if it means placing myself in a less flattering light.  Because that’s the Unabashed Queer way, y’all.


Read the ME! True Hollywood Story here.

Unabashed Elderstyle: Extra Points for Papa

September 14th, 2009


I rarely come across men with unabashed elderstyle so I was pleased to spot this gentleman while he was on a break from his post at Hot Dog on a Stick (perhaps?).

I don’t love his Elderstyle but I do love his unabashedness. At least he’s committing to a color palette.


Dipping wieners in goo. I salute you, too, girl.

Unabashed Roleplay: You Be Tyra and I’ll Be Cynthia

September 9th, 2009

Tyra Banks, the self-described nice girl (and me-described tie for worst talk show host with Tempestt Bledsoe and Ananda Lewis), got her weave ruffled during yesterday’s Nightline interview (gets good at 6:13).  Cynthia McFadden was downright fierce and *not* in a Tyra kind of way.  (And by the by, Tyra, fuck you for pillaging that word.)

Do a dramatic reading with your friends.  It only takes three people!


A = Cynthia McFadden


B = Tyra


C = Tyra's Publicist

A: Both Paulina Porizkova and Janice Dickinson, when they left the show, they were not very nice about you.

B: <<smile with eyes>>

C: Let’s not go there

A: Well I AM going there, I’m going to ask that question. (more…)

Unabashed Queer of the Week: The Homeless Ivey Leaguer

September 9th, 2009

Zach Biegun

Zach Biegun is a renaissance queer: ballet dancer, EMT, yogi, and homeless Cornell University student.

(And he happens to be the sibling of my dear friend, Kyla.)

Unabashed Hard Core Flashback: Lil’ Kim Does Daytime Talk in 1997

September 8th, 2009

Do you remember Rolanda?  Don’t front like you don’t remember Rolanda.  I know I do.

I musta missed this episode.  Rolanda reads dirty Lil’ Kim lyrics aloud (2:26), Kim doles out sex advice to a 12 year-old fan (3:38) and freaks out some gangsta rap-hating cracker (6:03).

Unabashed Sex Club Reality: Parts 1 & 2

September 7th, 2009

My fearless standby, Queerty, has published parts 1 & 2 of my gay sex club piece:

And They’re Always Glad You Came* & The Cock is Dicking


*Part 1 was originally published last April by another gay publication but was subsequently (and without warning or explanation) removed along with my now-infamous HIV/porn piece

Unabashed Queer of the Week: Queef Latina AKA The L Word

September 4th, 2009


Latoofah is such a roughneck brother, I could m’bate to her in “Set It Off.” 

She be gettin reeeaallll lax about her “personal life,” praise be to my gay god. (more…)