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Unabashed YouTube Comment

November 29th, 2009
Q88D (6 minutes ago)
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Unabashed Spelman Divide: The Women Have Spoken

November 25th, 2009

I was surprised at the exuberant response from the ladies of Spelman College re: Ashaka.  They are fierce about their school–you better not let that name come out your lips unless you have something good to say.  Shit.

Fortunately, what I said about Spelman in my video was pretty benign, though, some of the students and alums were none too pleased.  To those naysayers, I respond as such: watch the video again and pay attention.ashaka22_02


PoeticProduct: I’m Black, I’m a woman, I went to Spelman, and I find this Hilarious. I also think this is a very poignant statement as to how the media portrays women of color

Ellinaj08: this video was hilarious! I am an African American Spelman alumna. I love my institution and this was OBVIOUSLY not a satire of black women or Spelman but of what the Ashaka Cohen character represents. Doesn’t anyone see that Ashaka is actually a white male who has EXTREME identity issues? I was cracking up while watching this!

08DeeLoveley: I”m sorry. I’m a Spelman alumna and I found this to be incredibly funny. Maybe if I was transgendered I might be offended, but I don’t see how it disrespects my alma mater.  Ashaka is so clearly the butt of the joke.

And now the Naysayers… (more…)

Unabashed Cheese & Crackers: The Blind Side

November 20th, 2009

I don’t care if it’s based on a true story, Sandra Bullock’s new film, The Blind Side, makes me want to go blind and deaf and just die.

Admittedly, I have only seen the 2-and-a-half minute trailer, but I think I get it.

Bullock plays Leigh Anne, a Memphis socialite who is, as one reviewer describes, “always on the lookout for an opportunity to be a good Christian.” To make a long, stupid story short,  Leigh Anne takes a homeless black youth into her huge house and makes him part of the family.  Ebony & ivory forever!

The Blind Side is the perfect self-congratulatory cheese to pair with CRACKERS this holiday season.


Unabashedly Ashaka: A Mission Statement

November 19th, 2009

Ashaka is a character searching for identity, and subsequently, performing her idea of what black is based on television and media portrayals of black women.

Is Ashaka ignorant? Yes. Ashaka has a lot of learning to do. But bear in mind that she believes her transracial identity is every bit as valid as her transgender identity.

My goal was to depict a person who is haphazardly appropriating identities in an attempt to find herself.  It’s about identity politics and identity performance.

But most of all, it’s fucking funny.

Unabashedly Transracial: This Is She, Episode 2

November 17th, 2009



Unabashedly Lovely: The Evolution of My Courtney Love

November 10th, 2009


In 2007, I was working a miserable job at MTV with a batshit crazy boss who tried to force herself onto me as my fag hag.  It was very violating.  I prayed a big rig would hit me every day during my two hour commute to Santa Monica.  When Halloween came around and I was ordered to plan a Halloween party for the staff, I decided I needed a costume that would allow me to be ill-behaved all day long.  So I settled on Courtney Love circa ’95.

Imagine me arriving at work, kicking trash cans, panties around my ankles, yelling at people—and not getting fired for it.  It was perfect.

Since that year’s Courtney was kind of haphazzardly created, I wanted to try it again in 2008.  This year’s Courtney v.3 was the best–and the last.  I’m throwing in my tiara.   Keep reading to see the evolution… (more…)

Unabashed Elderstyle: The Cutest Neighbor

November 10th, 2009

elder11_09Have you ever seen anything so cute?  I had to PULL OVER when I drove past this neighbor of mine because she is THAT cute.

PS…She knitted her sweater.