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Unabashed Grassroot Effort: Share “Business Before Pleasure?”

August 25th, 2009

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SF Gate (added 8/27)



Tiny Nibbles


Unabashedly Convoluted: HIV Prevention for Porn Stars

August 13th, 2009

Image by Richard Kadrey / Kaos Beauty Klinik.

New article by the Unabashed Queer for The Advocate website entitled, “Business Before Pleasure?”  

This is not my typical, opinionated, first-person piece.  It’s like my version of an Associated Press article.  But there are still hints of the Unabashed Queer throughout…

Mentions of the article can be found at SF Gate Columnist, Violet Blue’s, tinynibbles (where I got this awesome image), at AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s website, and the Gay Porn Times to name a few.