Unabashed Daddy Worship: You’re the Boss

August 28th, 2009
From L to R: Some guy, Danny Pintaro, a porn star named Wolf Hudson

From L to R: some guy, Danny Pintauro, a porn star named Wolf Hudson

Former child actor, Danny Pintauro, is a harmless wisp of a boy, even at 33 years-old.  

I ran into him at, of all places, the Freshmen Magazine “Freshman of the Year” party.  Teetering somewhere between unhealthy and not-well, Pintauro’s was the only half-recognizable face in a sea of whatever.  So I asked him what the hell he was doing there.

Me: What are you doing here?

DP: You know my roommate is part of the whole thing, he works for Regency (sic, sic, sic…He meant to say “Regent.”)

Me: Do you watch a lot of porn?

DP: Um…I do!  I’m usually into an older crowd when I partake.

Me: Are we talking Jake Cruise or are we talking…

DP: It depends on the mood, maybe a little leather something going on, maybe, but not like young — not like young, young.

Me: So like Tony Danza’s age?

DP: (LOLs) Omigod that’s awful!  No, well, yeah.  That age, but not Tony Danza.


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