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Unabashed Confessions: People I Shouldn’t (But Would) Fuck

April 23rd, 2010

The Menendez Brothers: both of them.

Unabashedly (Oh) Fatherless: Gay YouTubers Sing Same Madonna Ballad

September 27th, 2009


Daddy issues forever.

Sad Madonna is my favorite Madonna.  As I scoured YouTube for Madonna ballads, I noticed six cover versions of her 1989 tres dramatique why-daddy-why track, Oh Father…all performed by gay men.  Score 1 for Nurture!

My favorite contribution comes from a rotund young man who calls himself “BittersweetSuperstar.”  He mixes a depressing montage of family photos, child abuse statistics, makes himself up to look like he’s been hit in the face--AND includes a small child (also with fake bruises on his face) acting out the lyrics.

Bittersweet wants you to know that “no people were hurt or abused for the making of this video.”  The video is tagged with keywords: vogue, child abuse, Oh Father, and neglect.

2. PaulyWoodGaGa admits that he “got a little emotional” while singing his version. (more…)