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Unabashed Drag Name: What’s in a Bukkake?

June 21st, 2009

I thought of a great drag name:

Olympia Bukkakes


"What's a Bukkake?"

Unabashedly Queer(ty): Why Hipsters & “Str8-Acting” Suck

June 8th, 2009

Two new Queerty articles by yours queerly.

#1: Why Straight Hipsters Suck (or why they better start suckin’) – that’s the unofficial title

I look at these boys in Williamsburg, Silver Lake, the Mission, and I think to myself, “YOU BETTER BE GAY.” You can’t just reap the benefits of the queer struggle, you over-privileged white man — not without some payment. If you want to continue copping my queer style, I want blow-jobs from you on demand. Then we’ll be even. Choke on my dick and you can keep the suspenders and the Members Only jacket. Eat my ass and you can keep the fanny pack.


#2: “Straight-Acting” = Sad Face – also the unofficial title

A (former) friend of mine once advised me that if I wanted to get a date, I should “tone it down.” “Don’t tell them you love Belinda Carlisle’s vibrato, Bette Davis’ staccato, and the girls of The Facts of Life—not on the first date.” Do I have to trick someone into tolerating my femme qualities? Fuck that.



Unabashed NO on Cho: PJ Harvey Has Boundaries

June 1st, 2009

OK! Magazine’s “Last Word” with Margaret Cho:

I went to go see PJ Harvey, and I really wanted to go backstage and meet her, and she said no [laughs]. I was devastated.