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Unabashedly Lovely: The Evolution of My Courtney Love

November 10th, 2009


In 2007, I was working a miserable job at MTV with a batshit crazy boss who tried to force herself onto me as my fag hag.  It was very violating.  I prayed a big rig would hit me every day during my two hour commute to Santa Monica.  When Halloween came around and I was ordered to plan a Halloween party for the staff, I decided I needed a costume that would allow me to be ill-behaved all day long.  So I settled on Courtney Love circa ‘95.

Imagine me arriving at work, kicking trash cans, panties around my ankles, yelling at people—and not getting fired for it.  It was perfect.

Since that year’s Courtney was kind of haphazzardly created, I wanted to try it again in 2008.  This year’s Courtney v.3 was the best–and the last.  I’m throwing in my tiara.   Keep reading to see the evolution… (more…)

Unabashed Cirugia Plastica: Courtney Love, Lil’ Kim, & Tori Amos

July 9th, 2009

Do you remember when Courtney Love was only Pretty on the Inside, Lil’ Kim was truly Hard Core, and Tori Amos was Under the Pink, not under the knife? Those were the days. Each one of these women built careers on fearless self-expression, which, in turn, attracted loyal gay followings. Now each one has undergone obvious, err, “physical restoration.”

When the straight girls we turned to to find beauty in ourselves now require a surgeon to make themselves feel pretty, what are we supposed to think of them? Does undergoing plastic surgery undermine their original take-me-as-I-am-or-fuck-off messages? lilkimsurg-400x265