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Unabashed Queer of the Week: Amanda Simpson (& Obama)

January 4th, 2010

From a distance she looks like Tori Amos, but upon closer inspection, she better resembles Kathie Lee Gifford.  s-SIMPSON-large She is neither Ms. Amos or Ms. Lee-Giff, she is Ms. Amanda Simpson: Prez Obama’s appointee to Senior Commerce Post Adviser.  Who cares about Commerce Post Advisers? Not me! But I do care about trannies and Amanda Simpson is 100% transgender woman.  Fuck yeah, Amanda, and fuck yeah, Obama.  This is better than marriage equality; this is visibility and a great hair color.Kathy_Lee_Gifford_photo_credit_Charles_Bush

Unabashed Cirugia Plastica: Courtney Love, Lil’ Kim, & Tori Amos

July 9th, 2009

Do you remember when Courtney Love was only Pretty on the Inside, Lil’ Kim was truly Hard Core, and Tori Amos was Under the Pink, not under the knife? Those were the days. Each one of these women built careers on fearless self-expression, which, in turn, attracted loyal gay followings. Now each one has undergone obvious, err, “physical restoration.”

When the straight girls we turned to to find beauty in ourselves now require a surgeon to make themselves feel pretty, what are we supposed to think of them? Does undergoing plastic surgery undermine their original take-me-as-I-am-or-fuck-off messages? lilkimsurg-400x265