Unabashed Call Out: Doug Benson is Gay

April 21st, 2010

Now I’m not one of those gays who thinks everyone is gay but comedian Doug Benson is gay.  Fine.  Mum’s the word, I don’t care.  But when you start fronting like you bow at the velvet meat curtains, I have to call a queen out.

While partaking in Pot Christmas, April 20, I tuned into the lackadaisical 2007 documentary, Super High Me, starring Mr. Benson, and knew I was watching a fellow sista.  He has the walk: the stiff, controlled gait of a man with a secret.  He has the voice: a throat that’s not satisfied without a dick in it.  And, finally, he has gay face (see link).  He’s a classic closet case using marijuana to avoid his gay reality.  It’s okay honey, I get it.

Beneath the Sheets

I wouldn’t bother to bring this up except that in one scene of his stand-up comedy which is interspersed throughout the film, Benson starts talking about how pussy is one of his favorite things other than weed!  Now this is where I draw the gay line: you don’t front like you prone to pussy eating when you’re really a Cockstruzel.  Please.  The only pussy he likes is cat.  His pussy of choice is asshole.  The pussy he visits most is a glory hole in a park restroom.  In which case, I like pussy too.

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7 Responses to “Unabashed Call Out: Doug Benson is Gay”

  1. Dean says:

    Sounds like someone just wishes Doug was gay…I hope he whips his dick out and beats you with it.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I wish Doug Benson, pudgy marijuana addict, was gay so I could have sex with him?

  3. WeedAdvocator says:

    There’s no such thing as a marijuana addict.

    It’s a non-addictive flower.

  4. Gio says:

    HAHAHA, marijuana addict? Some one is willfully ignornant. By the way what do you have to gain by calling some gay? All the reasons you pointed out are no different than those that the asshole in high school added up in his head befored called everyone “fag!”. It seems to me you’ve veiled yourself as a proud gay person, but deep down youre a self loathing queer. Which is too bad.

  5. admin says:

    Darling, on behalf of me and my longtime lover, Doug Benson, we thank you.

    Self-loathing is a human condition and I am blissfully human.

  6. Unabashed, im gonna have to interupt you for a minute but ima let you finish, Doug Benson made the best marijuana video of all time, OF ALL TIME!

  7. Bean-Town says:

    looks like doug’s relying on his cadre of dumb fuck followers to get his back as usual (he never gets his own hands “dirty”). if you’re on twitter as well he’s probably sent you passive aggressive douche dm’s and blocked you. it’s quite a common practice he employs; he keeps it off his timeline so he can maintain his OTHER lie – that he’s a funny, personable dude when really he’s a bitter, self-hating, unfunny “comic” who wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if pot didn’t exist.

    btw, i’m in total agreement with you. he’s very, very clearly a closet homosexual. there isn’t anything wrong with being gay – but fronting like you love pussy in this day & age shows just how hypocritical he is, and just how homophobic he must believe his fans and followers actually are.

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